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by tatio herring ► The Lips are back, and they aren’t fucking around. Reminiscent of their noisier, pre-Soft Bulletin hayday, the lead off track from their upcoming Embryonic is a jam and a half. They recently performed it on The Colbert Report, with Steve Drozd playing a combination guitar/guitarhero controller. There is no other band [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 45 (MAY 10 – 16)

by zerone Pop Out Player I was a free and lazy bird this weekend but was keen to jump at opportunity. Sometimes it’s about putting yourself in a comfortable position to act when called upon. We’ll sidestep the abyss of philosophical thought to heed the words of T.S. Elliot with an excerpt from his poem [...]


by alex p QC shoots a music video for the now defunct Think About Life. Graham Van Pelt, the keyboardist, went solo as the now critically acclaimed Miracle Fortress.