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QC MIXTAPE VOL. 34 (FEB 22 – 28)

by bmac “A flying saucer creature named Zog arrived on Earth to explain how wars could be prevented and how cancer could be cured. He brought the information from Margo, a planet where the natives conversed by means of farts and tap dancing. Zog landed at night in Connectitut. He had no sooner touched down [...]


by alyssa coluccio I love the phrase “Mellow-‘delic”.  Just the idea of something so smooth and dreamy packing such an unexpected punch can’t help but secretly thrill a person. It’s like eating nachos with spicy salsa, or drinking coffee with an extra shot of espresso, or listening to folk music that segues to psychedelic within [...]


by eliza czander People often consider side projects to be a let down. A seemingly unfinished work of an artist who isn’t used to having so much control over their music. I, on the other hand, tend to really take to them. It’s like seeing someone all dressed up for the first time or something. [...]