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QC MIXTAPE VOL. 38 (MAR 22 – 28)

by lee harvey Here’s another stellar and eclectic mixtape for ya’ while we continue to bide our time. This week’s literary passage is an excerpt from Samuel Becketts’ Waiting For Godot. Forever relevant, the play has stuck with me since I first saw it as a child. Here’s a classic line from Pozzo: Have you [...]


by kerrigan daws (pics by laura totten) Plants and Animals spends around eight hours a day on their tour bus so their drummer Matthew Woodley was kind enough to turn down the Arkon/Family song he was listening to, and take a quick call from QC yesterday evening. The Polaris nominees were en route to Atlanta, [...]


by stoli Everyone should know these guys pretty well by now but I feel obligated to post on them again because some people still give me confused looks when I bring them up in musical conversation. I also want to pump their upcoming NYC show. The Born Ruffians are a three piece band out of [...]


by kevin diamond The Polaris prize: it’s like the Mercury prize for canucks. And who’s more deserving of canuck-of-the-year than The Artist Formally Known As Manitoba himself, Caribou. His psychedelic electronica album won the honors and the 20,000 dollars over bands like Stars, Plants and Animals, Holy Fuck and Black Mountain. We here at Quiet [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 13 (SEP 14-20)

by osi How symbolic. QC drops its 400th post and the lights go out in Yankee Stadium. Have an incredible Sunday enjoying some new experiences and favorite past times. Here’s all the music we posted this week. Get em’ all at once – qc mixtape 13.zip