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by kevin diamond The intrinsic beauty of Saturday Night’s QuietColor show at House of Yes lies in the total spectrum of sound covered by itsĀ five acts. Every band brings a unique perspective on what it means to be an “indie-rock” band in this new decade. Case in point: Dinowalrus, a self-described “three-piece drum-and-drone band,” who [...]


by rollie Cell phones are obviously “great” for information reasons, etc, etc. But I’m still pretty convinced they make everyone dumber. Cell phone monogamists that sit around texting aimlessly are usually a drag on the planet. Today we salute their random texts in the QC Text Collection. Our future is now and we sound like [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 13 (SEP 14-20)

by osi How symbolic. QC drops its 400th post and the lights go out in Yankee Stadium. Have an incredible Sunday enjoying some new experiences and favorite past times. Here’s all the music we posted this week. Get em’ all at once – qc mixtape 13.zip