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QC MIXTAPE VOL. 40 (APR 5 – 11)

by bmac Pop Out Player As you can see, we’re test driving a new player for our 40th mixtape.  Over the last few weeks we’ve received numerous requests to implement some kind of playlist-style player on the site, so this is us saying “WE FEEL YOUR PAIN”.  We’ve always wanted to set one up, but [...]


by charles poladian Round 2 of the Indie News Reel coming at ya! The goal here is to rest your eyes, put on some shades, and check out some of the best new music and videos of the week. Sure, I’m going to make you read a little, but it’ll be like Goosebumps when you [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 32 (FEB 8 – 14)

by herby Another week in the life of QC. We posted a boat load of tracks this week so sit back with some of these when you get a minute. For you corporate folks, enjoy the day off tomorrow as I leave you with some advice from the Sage Vasishtha… Infinite Worlds come and go [...]


by eliza czander This has been one of the most incredible festivals, scratch that, incredible experiences of my life. Playground Weekender is certainly not the most organized, put together, or tightly run festival I’ve been to, but damn are they trying. When we breached security Friday, and didn’t have the correct passes to get in, [...]