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by charles poladian All quiet as June makes its debut. The summer promises numerous highlights including festivals, free movies, free music, and great shows. Maybe you are going to see Phish this week, maybe you are catching one of five Art Brut shows at Mercury Lounge, maybe you are catching Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s [...]

QC MIXTAPE VOL. 32 (FEB 8 – 14)

by herby Another week in the life of QC. We posted a boat load of tracks this week so sit back with some of these when you get a minute. For you corporate folks, enjoy the day off tomorrow as I leave you with some advice from the Sage Vasishtha… Infinite Worlds come and go [...]


by kevin diamond What am I doing here? I recently got a day job that involves sitting around a wine shop all day waiting for customers. Which means only one thing to me: I’ve got time to sift through all the MP3s I download and never listen to. I finally feel hip again. Anyway, music [...]